Faerie Spells Online Slot Rating and reviews

Faerie Spells Online Slot Rating and reviews

Faerie Spells, a slot machine created by Betsoft and released at the beginning of 2019, is both one of the most imaginative slot machines produced by the company and a game that has the potential to wow every player. This one-of-a-kind slot machine certainly does not fall short in the entertainment department, as it has a gorgeous fairy theme, visuals that are just breathtaking, a lengthy range of additional features, including four shared jackpots, and so on. Faerie Spells is a slot game that has a setup of five reels and ten fixed paylines, but it has the potential to transform into a profitable 1,024-ways slot, giving you hundreds of opportunities to make some cash and bank real money prizes of up to 12,252 credits per round. Jackpots are not included in this total, however.

This slot game is completely portable and can be played on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. And it’s a good thing it can since it comes pre-loaded with everything from free spins games and a double-up feature to jackpots, exploding symbols, wild payouts, and more. It’s a fantastic thing it can because it’s a terrific thing it can. Learn all you need to know about Faerie Spells by reading our comprehensive guide before you start playing for real money.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Faerie Spells”

You shouldn’t be concerned about playing the Faerie Spells slot machine in the event that you are. Playing this game could not be made any easier if it tried. There is just one betting control shown on its screen that you need to be concerned with, and it is the one that decides how much money you will be wagering in total. You may use it to choose a wager that ranges from 0.10 credits (0.01 per payline) to 10 credits (1 per payline) every round, and then all you have to do to start your session is push the spin or Auto Play control.

The slot machine has two different sets of symbols: one that is used for the regular game, and another that is used for the free spins bonus round. This is one of the distinctive aspects of the slot machine. The awards are always presented to you in the form of credits, and the paytable, which can be accessed by clicking the I button, has information on all of the possible prizes. There are 10 basic symbols in all, and each one conceals a reward that ranges from five times to one thousand times your payline stake. On the other hand, the symbols that you acquire during the free spins bonus provide significantly lesser payouts that range from two times to one hundred fifty times your payline stake. However, when you consider that during the bonus feature you will have hundreds of more opportunities to trigger payouts, you will find that these rewards are more than sufficient to build up your bankroll in a satisfactory manner.

There is also a more compact version of Faerie Spells that is designed specifically for playing on mobile devices that is available. Regardless of the screen orientation that you choose, you will be able to play the slot machine for real money at any of the online slots sites that we suggest using an Android tablet or smartphone, as well as an iOS device. You may start playing right away by pressing the spin control button, or you can tap the menu button on your screen to make changes to your bet and examine the paytable.

Free Spins and Features Featuring Faerie Spells

In the fairyland, you may win rewards if you gather a sequence of three or more similar symbols on any of the ten paylines, moving from left to right. The wild symbols, which provide the highest rewards, the scatter symbols, which pay regardless of paylines, and the double-up feature, which lets you to double any payoff on a 50/50 wager, all work together to increase the amount of money you may win while playing the regular game. However, none of these elements have the potential to be as successful as the bonus games that provide free spins.

You can either collect three, four, or five green fairy symbols to win 10-25 free spins or use the “buy feature” button to pay your way into the bonus at a price that is 860 times your line bet to get access to the free spins bonus. If you collect three, four, or five green fairy symbols, you will win 10-25 free spins. Once you begin playing the bonus round, the green fairy has the ability to not only reactivate it but also unlock extra “toadstool” rewards that are scattered around the basic game. When the free spins begin, a new set of symbols will be used, in addition to the 1,024 other ways that the game may be played. Because these unusual mechanisms ignore the paylines and provide rewards solely for matching symbols that appear on reels that are next to one another, they make it possible to earn a far greater number of payouts while playing for real money than you would if you were just playing for fun.

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